• Medlab Middle East 2023– Hangzhou Funworld Biotech Co.,Ltd

    Medlab Middle East 2023– Hangzhou Funworld Biotech Co.,Ltd The Hangzhou Funworld Biotech team participated in the Dubai Exhibition 2023. During the exhibition, Funworld Biotech displayed many advantageous products, especially uncut sheets for the DOA series, infectious disease series, and f...
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  • See you at Medlab Middle East (DUBAI)6th -9th February 2023

    Hangzhou Funworld Biotech Co., Ltd will attend the Medlab Exhibition from the 6th to the 9th of February 2023. We invite you to the booth for face-to-face communication. Booth Number:Z2.F33
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    MEDICA 2022–54th World Forum for Medicine International Trade Fair with Congress November 14 – 17, 2022 – Düsseldorf, Germany Witness Funworld biotech’s recent advances in product developments, Funworld Biotech released many new products at the medica2022 exhibition. Mainly Product...
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  • Human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

    Human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a major cause of lung infection in children, which can lead to pneumonia or bronchiolitis, which is especially dangerous for young children. For babies and toddlers, Their tiny airways are not yet fully formed, Once infected, it is very likely to be fata...
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  • Interpretation of medical keywords in the report of the 20th Congress

    “Epidemic Prevention and Control, Healthcare, Healthy China” was written into the conference report!” From the perspective of epidemic prevention and control, the report emphasizes the insistence on dynamic clearing and unswerving. Especially in the face of the sudden new crown pneum...
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  • People’s Daily: “Dynamic reset” is sustainable and must be adhered to!

    The National Health Commission announced on October 10 that on the 9th, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 434 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, including 373 local cases. At present, the epidemic situatio...
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  • Nucleic acid detection fluorescence quantitative Ct value – a love-hate parameter

    The “New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Trial Ninth Edition)” uses nucleic acid detection Ct value ≥35 as one of the important basis for release of isolation management or discharge. So, what does the Ct value of the nucleic acid detection kit represent? Are...
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  • HPV Testing Market

    HPV detection is one of the most widely used clinical products in the field of molecular diagnosis, and it is a good project for manufacturers, agents and hospitals to make money. From a regulatory point of view, China’s two cancer screenings since 2009 have direct requirements for detection volu...
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  • Beware of “New Virus”!

    The heat wave has not subsided, and the “nightmare” of the 2022 autumn and winter season seems to be approaching step by step, and the health departments of various countries are beginning to get nervous. The new crown, monkeypox, and influenza, these three epidemics that people are ...
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  • Sample pad, where the immunochromatography begins

    Immunochromatographic reagents are the most solid bricks in immunodiagnostic reagents. Before the new crown, many companies relied on it to survive, and during the new crown, many companies rely on it to go public. After two years of application and promotion, the technology of colloidal gold imm...
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  • What is the difference between PCR and qPCR?

    Today, let’s briefly talk about what PCR and qPCR (fluorescence quantitative PCR) are. PCR, also known as polymerase chain reaction, is a molecular biology technique used to amplify specific DNA fragments. It can be regarded as a special DNA replication outside the organism. The biggest fea...
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  • Basic Concept: Analytical Sensitivity

    1. Analytical sensitivity (detection limit) 1. The lowest analyte concentration detected is the analytical sensitivity or limit of detection of the detection system. This concentration limit is especially important for drug testing in court, and it is critical to hope that the test will know whet...
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